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Avocado Ripeness Study Provides Insights into Consumer Purchase Decisions

  • Nov 29, 2021

Understanding the behaviors behind a shopper’s decision-making process is a key component of increasing sales of California avocados. To that end, the Commission conducted an Avocado Ripeness Study during the 2021 California avocado season at Tier 1 retail account locations to gain insight into shopper preferences.

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Commission Pitches Editorial Placements at International Foodservice Media Event

  • Nov 24, 2021

To help increase public relations exposure of fresh California avocados and California avocado growers, the California Avocado Commission foodservice team met one-on-one with media editors at the International Foodservice Editorial Council in Annapolis, Maryland.

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Commission Develops Potential Promotional Partnerships at Global Culinary Event

  • Nov 18, 2021

Members of the California Avocado Commission’s foodservice team networked with menu developers at the Global Culinary Innovators Association Combine, meeting in person with targeted foodservice operators as culinary decision makers prepare menus for the 2022 season.

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Commission’s 2020-2021 Social Media Activity Garners More Than 24 Million Impressions

  • Nov 04, 2021

The California Avocado Commission’s social media program offers the Commission an opportunity to engage with its target consumers, called “Premium Californians” and expand the California avocado fan base via entertaining and informative content.

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Late-Season Living Well Brand Advocate Program Secures More Than 3 Million Impressions

  • Oct 28, 2021

The California Avocado Commission’s Living Well Brand Advocates program raises awareness of the premium quality of California avocados and their health benefits by leveraging respected third-party nutrition, wellness and healthy lifestyle experts who share their love for the fruit on digital and social media channels.

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Onsite Events Revive Opportunities to Showcase California Avocado Menu Items in Person

  • Oct 20, 2021

With the return of in-person events, the California Avocado Commission once again has the opportunity to build awareness and expand penetration of fresh California avocados on foodservice chain menus  by serving unique and inspirational menu items to key foodservice chain decision makers.

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