Marketing News

Commission’s Trade Campaign Focuses on the California Difference

  • May 16, 2018

The California Avocado Commission’s retail trade advertising campaign is an important means of building brand awareness and reinforcing the brand’s premium position. The new ad campaign was launched in March with an editorial feature showcasing the Commission’s programs in Produce Business’ Master of Merchandising issue.

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California Avocado Commission to Score a Number of Firsts with Consumer Advertising this Season

  • May 12, 2018

With California avocado volume building, the California Avocado Commission’s consumer ad campaign is in high gear. This year the campaign will promote close-to-home California avocados with customized print and outdoor ads featuring illustrations specific to the California market they will appear in.

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Thirty-second Annual Fallbrook Avocado Festival Gathers Nearly 100,000 Fans

  • May 11, 2018

Once again, the California Avocado Commission joined nearly 100,000 California avocado fans at the mid-April Fallbrook Avocado Festival, joining fans eagerly seeking new California avocado recipes, nutrition information and answers to their questions about growing their favorite Golden State fruit.

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Classic California Avocado Cuisine Generates Buzz at the Start of the Season

  • May 07, 2018

As consumers eagerly awaited the start of the 2018 California avocado season, the California Avocado Commission launched a public relations campaign designed to pique fans’ interest and generate excitement about their favorite fruit.

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Commission Hosts The Packer and The Produce News in Kansas City

  • Apr 26, 2018

On April 4 and April 5, members of the California Avocado Commission joined Chef Dave Woolley, Chef Dina Paz, Registered Dietitian Mitzi Dulan and guests from The Packer and The Produce News for intimate get-togethers in Kansas City.

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California Avocado Fresca Bowls Featured in Nationwide Chain

  • Apr 19, 2018

Across the nation, 564 Del Taco units will showcase fresh California avocados in limited-time-offer menu items from April 19 – June 21.

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