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Commission Showcases California Avocados in Important Northern California Market

  • Mar 27, 2019

The California Avocado Commission was a key sponsor of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council Northern California Luncheon in one of the most important markets for California avocados — the northern sector of the Golden State.

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Commission’s Tiered Account Program Now in its Fourth Year Has Delivered an FOB Price Advantage

  • Mar 20, 2019

The California Avocado Commission’s Tiered Account Program plays a critical role in aligning supply and marketing activities to identify and target regions where consumers are willing to pay a premium for California avocado. The program has been a success — with data from 2018 indicating that California avocados sold within the state received an18 percent FOB premium over imports.

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Commission Secures New Southern California Restaurant Chain Contacts

  • Mar 13, 2019

On February 5, the California Avocado Commission joined culinary and supply chain personnel from Southern California-based restaurant chains at MarketVision’s Chain Gang Meetings. Learn more.

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Successful Big Game Retail Promotions Mark the Start of the Early California Avocado Season

  • Mar 06, 2019

To provide California avocado growers with outlets for their early season harvests and encourage sales of California avocados during a key consumption period, the California Avocado Commission partnered with two upscale retail chains to launch integrated in-store and social media campaigns pairing the fruit with Big Game day celebrations.

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  • Feb 28, 2019

The California Avocado Commission is actively building anticipation for the 2019 California avocado season, teasing targeted consumers with social media communications and working with retailers and foodservice operators to set up timely crop transitions and customized promotions.

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Building Longstanding Retailer and Foodservice Loyalty to California Avocados with Pre-season Preparation

  • Feb 20, 2019

As soon as the California Avocado Commission Board of Directors approved CAC’s annual plan, the merchandising/marketing teams began preparing messaging and materials to present to retailers and foodservice operators in advance of California avocado season. Learn more about the pre-season activities about the CAC merchandising/marketing teams.

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