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California Avocado Commission Celebrates Its 40th Year

A lot has changed during the past 40 years. Take a look at the major activities, programs and campaigns that have played a key role in establishing the Commission as a leader in the produce industry.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Latest News

Ground Squirrel Control in Avocado Groves

  • Dec 12, 2018

According to the UC Integrated Pest Management website, avocados are particularly vulnerable to California ground squirrels and although squirrels hibernate in cold winters they tend to be active year-round in avocado growing regions. Learn more about ground squirrels and how best to control their population.

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Grower Response Needed for San Diego County Crop Report

  • Dec 12, 2018

San Diego County avocado growers are encouraged to complete the 2018 Crop Report Questionnaire they received in the mail in December 2018. Responses remain confidential and are used solely to compile relevant statistics for the Crop Report published by the San Diego County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.

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UC Davis Study Indicates CAC 2013-17 Marketing Had a Significant Positive Impact

  • Dec 06, 2018

On November 13, Dr. Richard Sexton presented findings from the recently completed study, “Economic Impacts of the California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) Advertising and Promotion Program: 2013 – 2017” to the CAC Board. Learn more about the results of the study.

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GreenSheet | December 3, 2018

  • Dec 03, 2018

Read the latest GreenSheet for up-to-the-minute California avocado industry news, research and information.

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California Hass (updated 12/06/2018)
Avocado Size FOB Price Field Price
48's Insufficient Vol. to Quote Insufficient Vol. to Quote
60's Insufficient Vol. to Quote Insufficient Vol. to Quote
70's Insufficient Vol. to Quote Insufficient Vol. to Quote
Avocado Volume Summary (week ending 12/09/2018)
Weekly Volume Season-to-Date
California Total 14,478 138,313
Import Total 56,559,155 255,021,838
USA Total 57,303,593 259,096,171