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Latest News

Assistance Available for On-farm Food Safety Expenses

  • Jun 24, 2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crops program will provide specialty crop producers with financial assistance for on-farm food safety program expenses incurred in 2022 or 2023. The 2022 application period is June 27, 2022 through January 31, 2023.

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Slow, Methodical Planting Ensures Avocado Trees Are Healthy

  • Jun 22, 2022

In a recent blog post, Dr. Ben Faber focuses on the importance of taking a measured approach when planting new avocado trees. In the post he elaborates on the importance of properly testing and preparing the soil, and once that has been completed ensuring the tree is planted at the proper depth.

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GreenSheet | June 16, 2022

  • Jun 16, 2022

Read the latest GreenSheet for up-to-the-minute California avocado industry news, research and information.

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California Avocados Featured at FPFC NorCal Luncheon

  • Jun 15, 2022

The California Avocado Commission was a key sponsor of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council NorCal Membership Luncheon and therefore had the opportunity to showcase the fruit to retail and industry decision makers.

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Current Markets

California Hass Field Prices Per Pound
Updated 06/08/2022
Avocado Size Conventional #1 Organic #1
48's $2.54 - $2.63 $2.86 - $3.04
60's $2.16 - $2.35 $2.34 - $2.50
70's $1.56 - $1.85 $1.86 - $2.02
Avocado Volume Summary
Week ending 06/12/2022
Weekly Volume Season-to-Date
California Total 11,858,890 196,393,376
Import Total 29,238,225 1,357,372,881
USA Total 43,747,115 1,626,769,187