To assist California avocado growers in becoming GAP certified, and to ensure the requirements are applicable for growing avocados, the Commission developed an avocado specific set of GAP procedures in late 2010 built around the United States Department of Agriculture’s standards. In August, 2011, the Board approved the CAC-GAP and CAC-GHP (Good Harvesting Practices) programs, which provided a uniform, common-sense set of procedures and guidelines for California avocado growers. In August of 2014 the CAC Board approved an update to the CAC-GAP program which closely followed the PrimusLabs Food Safety Audit for Ranches.

In November of 2016 the CAC Board approved the California Avocado Commission's Food Safety Manual, which complies with the PrimusGFS V2.1-2 audit. The updated Food Safety Manual is available on this site to help you get started toward having your food safety program certified.