The California Avocado Commission's (CAC) Business Plans are comprehensive documents designed to outline the diverse budgetary, marketing, industry affairs and product research objectives and strategies implemented annually in support of CAC's Mission Statement:

To maximize grower returns by enhancing premium brand positioning for California avocados and improving grower sustainability.

The CAC Annual Business Plan 2023-24 provides California avocado growers with the following information:

  • The California Avocado Commission’s four priorities, mission statement and vision
  • California avocado industry strategic intent through 2025, including key industry aspirations, competitive advantages, brand positioning/promise, target markets, CAC’s core values, critical factors for success and key performance measures, objectives and strategies
  • A summary of integrated California avocado marketing programs including media, email, online, outdoor, search engine optimization and social media marketing
  • Development of new consumer advertising campaign
  • Social media strategies, including content creation in line with targeted consumers’ interests and best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok
  • Consumer website maintenance and initiatives including ADA compliance, bolstering sustainability content with "ethically sourced" messaging, developing new recipes, grower stories and California avocado origin lore
  • Seasonal consumer and trade public relations such as: news bureau outreach, media tracking/reporting, the Brand Advocate Program and infuencers
  • Trade outreach including grower, retail trade advertising, photography/videography and attendance at and sponsorship of key industry events
  • Foodservice marketing and outreach including foodservice chain menu development, foodservice chain performance programs, foodservice tiered account marketing and culinary influencer videos
  • Retail-specific action plans including custom retail recipe development and retail marketing material development for tiered accounts
  • Retail merchandising studies, including Market Trends reports, POS data and reports, AMRIC data report and Market’s Analysis report
  • High-value marketing programs for South Korean and Chinese markets
  • Industry affairs initiatives and deliverables, including crop forecasting and analysis, AMRIC operations, grower and grove database maintenance, legislative and regulatory advocacy, field/technical support, sustainability project, water and labor issues, Pine Tree Ranch management, production registrations
  • Grower outreach via digital and print publications, newsletters, field meetings/seminars/workshops, field days and grower website content
  • Specific production research goals and deliverables by topic — avocado lace bug, field testing and potential release of five advanced rootstocks, crop water use and irrigation management strategies and tool development

Copies of past CAC Business Plans are available in the Related Content menu in the right-hand column.