Thank you to the AMRIC Handlers for their recent participation in CAC’s March 2023 early-season crop update survey. The input provided by these organizations has been used to develop updated 2023 weekly harvest projections. Please note, we did not ask for updates on the crop volume at this time, so are continuing with the 257 million pounds.

Through week ending 4/2/23 over 8.5 million pounds have been harvested, and so the attached weekly harvest projections have been adjusted to approximately reflect that volume through March 2023 and then provides updated weekly projections for April through December. Handler survey submissions, as well as individual discussions with field reps and at the CAC Board meeting, indicated that the fruit California was behind in harvesting through March will result in increased volumes in April through July and not necessarily extend the California season.

CAC will be sending the mid-season grower crop survey in April with results available in late-May. In May, another handler survey will be sent to get an update on both crop volume and timing for the remaining late season fruit.

Below are the monthly and weekly harvest projections for the 2023 crop based on responses from handlers for Hass monthly harvest estimates, and 4-year industry average for Lamb, GEM and Other.