To represent the interests of California avocado growers and demonstrate the relevance and impact of the California avocado industry in the broader sphere, the California Avocado Commission conducts a variety of avocado industry impact reports. To better understand the challenges growers face, the Commission also has conducted a state-of-the-industry report based on a state-wide member survey.

Commission Marketing
On the marketing front, the Commission conducts assessment reports that measure the economic impact of the Commission’s advertising and promotion programs. These reports:

  • Track avocado consumption and pricing data
  • Examine the effect of promotional expenditures on consumer demand
  • Summarize grower benefit-cost ratios
  • Review CAC’s regional promotion programs by medium
  • Detail CAC expenditures by marketing area

Economic Impacts of California Avocado Commission Advertising and Promotion Programs, 2013 - 17

Economic Impacts of California Avocado Commission Advertising and Promotion Programs, 2013

An Economic Evaluation of California Avocado Industry Marketing Programs, 1961-1995

Economic Impact

In August 2020, the Commission retained the Tootelian Company to conduct an assessment of the economic impact California avocado growers and handlers have across the state and within avocado-producing counties.  To learn more about how California avocado growers positively impact communities across the state, click on one of the links below.

Nonmarket Benefits of California Avocado Groves

ERA Economics has completed a new reported commissioned by CAC that examines the wide range of benefits California avocado production provides regional economies beyond standard measures of economic activity. 

California Avocado Commission State-of-the-Industry Survey

To provide the California Avocado Commission and the growers it serves with a better perspective on the health of the California avocado industry, CAC retained the Tootelian Company to conduct a member survey. The survey was sent to all CAC members in August 2021. The 77-page report includes detailed findings concerning:

  • Farm acreage
  • Pounds harvested and crop values by district and acreage
  • Overall farm income, expenses and net margin
  • Farm income, expenses and net margin by district and acreage
  • Water sources
  • Overall irrigation costs
  • Irrigation costs by water source, district and acreage
  • Perceived threats to future profitability

The CAC State-of-the-Industry Survey: Summary Report of Findings is now available.