Retail Trade Advertising Campaign Encourages Retailers to “Count on California Avocados”

  • Feb 29, 2024

To keep California avocados top-of-mind prior to and during the California avocado season, the California Avocado Commission’s retail trade advertising campaign will run print and digital ads in national and regional targeted publications recognized for their high-quality content and editorial. The bulk of the campaign will run March through June with light support in October around the International Fresh Produce Association’s The Global Produce and Floral Show.

One of the Commission’s advertising goals this year is to make the state of California truly stand out as a hero. The 2024 trade ads are designed to complement the new consumer advertising design, featuring a California State outline whose center is filled with a grove beauty shot. The ads also showcase an image of an avocado on a tree branch and the “Count on California Avocados” tagline. These ads reinforce targeted retailers’ belief that they can count on the reliable quality of California avocados. Further, they showcase shoppers’ reliance on the California avocado season for delicious, ethically sourced fruit that is locally grown and premium quality.

Working within a reduced budget, the media plan will rely heavily on digital placements in The Packer, The Produce News and Blue Book Reporter, as well as digital ads in AndNowUKnow (ANUK). Nine print ads will run in The Packer, The Produce News and in the Snack magazine, which is affiliated with ANUK.

The visibility and reach of the ads, which includes 278 insertions, is designed to encourage demand for and secure distribution of California avocados. The campaign is expected to generate 20 million digital and 1 million print impressions.

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