Commission to Launch New Consumer Ad Campaign Focused on Local and Sustainable Story

  • Feb 28, 2024

Beginning in mid-February, the California Avocado Commission started filming California avocado groves and growers who will be featured in the 2024 consumer advertising campaign. The new creative will spotlight the California difference by showcasing the very people and places integral to producing the fruit, with messaging that focuses on locally grown and sustainably farmed. The distinct, differentiating messaging is intent on building preference for California avocados, encouraging demand and driving shoppers to retail stores that carry them.

This new creative direction puts local California avocado growers in the spotlight — sharing their deep roots and the responsible growing practices that uniquely position California avocados as a premium product. California avocado growers Jaime and Ricardo Serrato (Valley Center) and Maureen Lamb Cottingham, David Lamb, John Lamb and Robert Lamb (Camarillo) and their picturesque groves will be featured in the 2024 campaign.

A strategic and diverse advertising mix targeting avocado shopper audiences will launch in April and run throughout the season. Media placements include video on YouTube and social media, as well as the digital audio channels Streamers, iHeart Radio and Spotify. Custom digital partnerships, such as that with digital media company GumGum, will place custom, eye-catching browser takeover ads on sites with relevant content.

To directly connect shoppers with retail partners, ads will appear on Volta Electric Vehicle charging stations located in select retailer parking lots. Further, new dynamic ad placements will run through the review platform Yelp will target shoppers within select zip codes based on their relevant interests and searches. These ads will direct shoppers to the nearest retailers where California avocados are available.

The consumer ad campaign is expected to generate 78 million ad impressions and 400,000 clicks on ads.

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