Shot Hole Borer Alert: Beetles Found in Traps Adjacent to Temecula Avocado Groves

  • Feb 25, 2016

The California Avocado Commission was notified that two shot hole borer traps adjacent to avocado groves in the Temecula area had positive beetle finds the week of February 15th. Learn more.

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CAC Receives Shot Hole Borer Funding/New SHB Movement in Ventura County

  • Feb 12, 2016

On Thursday February 11, 2016, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack issued a press release announcing the awarding of funds under the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Section 10007 of the 2014 Farm Bill. Learn more about the funding, as well as recent SHB finds.

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Section 18 for Tilt (propiconazole) Fungicide Not Viable

  • Jan 15, 2016

The Commission anticipated submitting a Section 18 Emergency Exemption Application for the use of Tilt® fungicide against the shot hole borer, but efficacy data does not support the application. Learn more.

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New Workshop Addresses Urban and Wildland Tree Pests and Diseases Including PSHB and KSHB

  • Dec 28, 2015

On February 18, 2016, a new workshop will provide tree care professionals, land managers and other interested industry professionals with information concerning common and non-native insect pests and diseases that threaten southern California urban and wildland forests.

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December PSHB Update - Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Appears Well Established in Santa Paula Area

  • Dec 03, 2015

On Wednesday December 2nd, the Commission learned that six traps in the Santa Paula area had positive PSHB finds in them. All of these traps are located in or adjacent to commercial avocado groves to the west of Santa Paula in Ventura County.

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PSHB/FD Grower Meeting Presentation Materials Available

  • Sep 14, 2015

Presentations materials focusing on the polyphagous shot hole borer and Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer are now available.

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