Peak Season California Avocado Social Media Campaign Piques Consumer Interest

  • Aug 04, 2023

To create anticipation for — and sustain interest in — the fresh California avocado season among Premium Californians, the California Avocado Commission runs a targeted social media campaign across its channels. Social content consistently rolled out throughout the year to reinforce the California avocado campaign messaging, keeping California avocados top of mind and encouraging brand preference.

Across all its social channels the Commission features what differentiates California avocados from those of other origins — for example, its unique locale/terroir, exclusive seasonal availability and the freshness of the locally/domestically grown fruit. Store locator content and in-season reminder posts were shared throughout peak season to reinforce the fruit’s seasonality and drive consumers to retail locations where it was available. Creative posts tied to cultural moments like the 4th of July encouraged consumers to “stock up” and seek out the fruit with “now-in-season” messaging. Newly approved sustainability messaging — another California avocado differentiator — reinforced the care California growers take with their growing practices noting the fruit is “ethically sourced” using “environmentally friendly farming.”

Further, to keep California avocados top of mind and encourage demand for the fruit, CAC shared informative recipe content, nutrition information and how-to tips. These efforts were concentrated heavily during the peak season to encourage and inspire usage of the fruit in a variety of meals, snacks and summer entertainment occasions.

Across all channels, the peak season social media campaign secured nearly 24 million paid and organic impressions, more than 515,000 engagements and 120,000 link clicks to the California avocado website. Facebook content generated nearly 3 million impressions, over 41,000 engagements and more than 27,000 link clicks. Instagram secured 9.4 million impressions, 252,000 engagements and nearly 25,000 link clicks. Pinterest impressions reached nearly 6 million, with nearly 128,000 engagements and 8,900 link clicks. TikTok posts generated more than 5.1 impressions, 92,000 engagements and just over 50,000 clicks to the consumer website. This year CAC shifted away from promoting Twitter content and reported more than 17,000 organic impressions and 2,000 engagements on the channel. The Commission’s email newsletter reported a 23% open rate (more than 212,000 opens) and nearly 9,400 link clicks. 

To engage with consumers CAC tied social posts to cultural moments while showcasing the fruit’s differentiators such as its domestic origin.

This promoted Instagram post, which reminded consumers California avocados are in season and available at local retailers, included a link to CAC’s online store locator.

To build demand, the Commission shared social posts reminding consumers it was peak season and directing them to local retailers where the fruit was available.

This Pinterest post leans into popular consumer search trends — Greek salads and Asian-inspired cuisine — to capture attention and drive brand affinity.

This Twitter post reminded consumers that California avocados are now in season.

During California Avocado Month, CAC distributed an email newsletter with messaging showcasing California avocado growers’ sustainability.

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