Multi-faceted California Avocado Retail Promotions Showcase Growers and Sustainability

  • May 27, 2024

Designed to encourage demand for California avocados, the California Avocado Commission kicked off this season’s retail programs with multi-faceted in-store, digital and social promotions at Gelson’s Markets and Mollie Stone’s Markets.

Gelson’s launched their California avocado season with large in-store displays of bulk fruit and a new California-avocado branded bag giveaway for shoppers. In addition, demos were held in all their stores providing shoppers with the opportunity to sample fresh California avocados and take home California avocado merchandise. At one location, the Commission hosted an in-store demo with two California growers who answered shoppers’ questions about where avocados are grown locally, the size of the trees, varieties and how growing practices have changed. To complement in-store promotions and build awareness of the local fruit’s availability, Gelson’s ran social media posts on their Facebook and Instagram channels highlighting the arrival of fresh California avocados in their stores, accompanied by a delicious recipe that was perfect for enjoying during college basketball tournament games and other events.

Strategically aligning efforts with the start of the season, Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo, CAC worked closely with Mollie Stone's Market to create a cohesive and engaging campaign that included sustainability messaging and usage ideas and resonated with consumers on multiple levels. Mollie Stone’s Markets leveraged these key holidays with an innovative campaign that included a range of platforms — social media posts on Instagram and Facebook pages, a dedicated blog post on their website and a feature in their enewsletter.

As the season continues, CAC will unveil more exciting collaborations and initiatives with key retailers to build demand for the fruit throughout the season.

Shoppers sampled fresh California avocados in the store and had the opportunity to speak with local growers about their sustainable farming practices.

Beautiful displays a shopper can’t miss, with signage featuring local California avocado farmers.

Gelson’s kicked off California avocado season and a celebration of college basketball tournament games by sharing a delicious recipe idea on their Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Mollie Stone’s Markets celebrated the start of California avocado season across its Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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