Growers Encouraged to Complete Avocado Water Use Survey

  • May 15, 2022

The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources is conducting an Avocado Irrigation Management Survey to study the practices used by California avocado growers and the challenges they face. The individual information collected from the survey will remain confidential.

California avocado growers are encouraged to complete the survey as the data will be used for educational purposes and to develop applied tools and practices to help improve water use efficiency in avocado groves.

The short online survey asks growers to note:

  • What type of water resources their operation uses and any water quality issues they may experience
  • Irrigation methods, scheduling, frequency, flow measuring tools and seasonal irrigation practices
  • Basic information concerning their groves, including acreage, use of clonal rootstocks, average annual yield, soil salinity, root rot challenges and fertilization strategies
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