CAC Virtual Charcuterie Class Generates Nearly 19 Million Consumer Impressions

  • May 04, 2022

To generate excitement and build demand for California avocados, the California Avocado Commission hosted a virtual cooking class on March 31 for key media representatives, dietitians, brand advocates and retail contacts showcasing just how easy it is to incorporate the fruit into on-trend decorous and delicious charcuterie boards. The event, which was hosted by Los Angeles-based food stylist and charcuterie board expert Meg Quinn, secured nearly 19 million consumer public relations impressions and an additional 170,000 trade impressions from articles in AndNowUKnow, Fresh Plaza, PMG, Supermarket Perimeter and The Packer.

Known for her beautifully designed charcuterie boards, entertainment skills and preference for fresh, locally sourced produce, Meg was a natural choice to kick off the California avocado season. She was joined by Emily Domesek, founder of the do-it-yourself lifestyle brand P.S.-I made this, who served as moderator and answered participants’ questions throughout the virtual session.

Prior to the virtual cooking session each participant received the necessary fresh ingredients, including California avocados, as well as a gift box filled with a CAC-branded apron, wine glass and wooden serving board to use as they prepared a charcuterie board alongside Meg from their home kitchens. With all the ingredients and tools at hand, the participants joined Meg in preparing one of her unique recipes: California Avocado, Cheese and Charcuterie Board with California Avocado Goat Cheese Dip with Cheesy Prosciutto. They also prepared a Chocolate  California Avocado dip while Meg showed how to build  a California Avocado and Fruit Board.

Those who attended the virtual charcuterie board session included representatives from California-based retail chains as well as writers and content creators for a wide range of media outlets. Media representatives included: Edible Sacramento, Esquire, TimeOut NY, Good Housekeeping, LIVESTRONG, Martha Stewart Living, PureWow, Real Simply, Refinery29, The Kitchn, Thrillist, We Like LA, Where LA, Travel & Leisure, FreshPlaza, PMG Magazine and AndNowUKnow. By inviting credible, third-party reporters and influencers to the event the Commission was able to expand its reach to various lifestyle and foodie consumer audiences in an authentic manner. By sharing their charcuterie experiences with their audiences on social media and via their publications, the attendees helped build awareness of the fruit’s seasonality and inspire their fans with unique California avocado usage ideas.

CAC’s hosts showcased California avocado-branded aprons, which are available for purchase at, alongside their completed charcuterie boards.

The hosts of the virtual charcuterie class, Erica Domesek and Meg Quinn preparing their ingredients, including California avocados, at the start of the virtual cooking class.

Dressing up the board with a California avocado rose.

Meg Quinn shared her California avocado-inspired charcuterie board and recipes with her 294,000 Instagram followers.

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