Foodservice Chains Launch California Avocado Menu Promotions

  • May 06, 2022

California avocado limited-time-only menu promotions create a sense of urgency among diners eager to enjoy the in-season fruit in “special” menu items while they remain available. By partnering with foodservice chains to showcase the LTO menu offerings on digital and social media platforms, the California Avocado Commission expands awareness of the fruit’s seasonal availability and encourages brand loyalty. The marketing support helps chain partners reach a wider audience and builds demand for the unique menu items that feature California avocados.

Throughout the month of April, fresh slices of California avocados were available as add-ons to any dish at Flame Broiler units located in Arizona and California. The restaurant chain reminded patrons to add freshness by adding California avocados. A two-month (April-May) LTO promotion at Erik’s DeliCafe features fresh California-grown avocados on eight of the chain’s sandwiches: the Pilgrim’s Progress, Turkey with Pesto, Grande Club, the Dub Club, Sea Dog, Natural High, Del Monte Special, the Farmer’s Market, and two wraps: the Farmer’s Medley Wrap and Cleopatra Wrap. In both California and Nevada, diners at Wahoo’s Fish Taco can enjoy fresh California avocados on their Loaded Albondigas Soup, as well as the option to enjoy any entrée “Kahuna Style” by adding fresh slices of the fruit. This promotion runs throughout April and May.

By showcasing unique California avocado menu items on foodservice chain partners’ social media channels, chains do not have to rely solely on patrons visiting their website or in-store locations to view the POP materials. These social media promotions at Flame Broiler, Erik’s DeliCafe and Wahoo’s Fish Taco are expected to reach more than 119,000 fans of three quick service restaurant partners supporting California avocado season.

The California Avocados brand logo is placed prominently alongside the appetizing image of a sandwich featuring fresh slices of the fruit in Erik’s DeliCafe Instagram posting.

The Wahoo’s Fish Taco website showcases a “Kahuna Style” meal featuring fresh California avocados.

Flame Broiler encourages fans to raise their hand if they are craving California avocados.

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