Commission Showcases Organic California Avocados at Industry Summit

  • Aug 02, 2022

To build awareness that California is a key supplier of organic avocados, the California Avocado Commission attended the Organic Produce Summit 2022 held in Monterey, California from July 13 – 14. The event — which focuses on organic farming, marketing and retailing — provided the Commission with an opportunity to spotlight the positive and sustainable farming practices California avocado growers utilize to produce high-quality, organic avocados.

More than 1,700 produce industry representatives attended the summit, with 400 retail executives in attendance. The summit is comprised of networking opportunities, educational workshops and an exhibit floor for produce marketers. The Commission, representing organic California avocado growers, exhibited within the “Educational/Information” forum section of the exhibit floor. As such, the Commission was able to meet one-on-one with retailers and industry members to discuss CAC’s customized promotions and materials designed to meet the demand and pique the interest of consumers who prefer local, organic avocados. By attending this event, CAC was able to address industry members’ questions about California’s organic crop and its sustainability initiatives while building loyalty to the California Avocados brand.

CAC’s Carolyn Becker spoke with John Dmytriw of Index Fresh about retailers in the Keynote Speaker Program.

Bob Lucy of Del Rey Avocados discusses the July and August crop of organic California avocados with Carolyn Becker.

Carolyn Becker and Dave Cruz at the Organic Produce Summit.

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