Agriculture Pass Program Provides Operations with Emergency Access

  • Aug 02, 2022

The Agricultural Pass Program in Ventura County provides commercial agricultural and livestock operations with access to restricted areas during or following a natural disaster.

Local government organizations can provide passes for agricultural operators in order to perform the following eligible activities during an emergency or disaster:

  • Evacuate or care for livestock, including feeding, watering and providing medical treatment
  • Irrigation of crops, or to turn on a water system
  • Provide access to agricultural operation properties or facilities
  • Transport/deliver equipment for water supplies/irrigation systems

The decision to provide emergency access depends on safety conditions and the approval of emergency personnel. Access will most likely be restricted until emergency situations have stabilized and will be determined by fire and law enforcement personnel. Ventura County agricultural operations can register for the program online.

Santa Barbara County provides a similar program. Passes are provided to vetted commercial agricultural operations. The passes can be used to:

  • Protect or care for agricultural assets (irrigating crops, feeding/caring for livestock)
  • Providing support to emergency personnel (helping them identify access roads and water sources)

Operators can apply for and receive passes prior to a disaster.

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