10th Anniversary of California Avocado Month Celebration Generates Nearly 700 Million Impressions

  • Aug 12, 2022

The California Avocado Commission celebrated the 10th Anniversary of California Avocado Month with wide ranging in-person, public relations, digital and social media activities resulting in nearly 700 million impressions. The combined efforts motivated media to encourage consumers and trade members to seek out and purchase premium quality, in-season California avocados. That activity helped drive consumer awareness and excitement about the 10th anniversary of California Avocado month and for purchasing the fruit.

 To kick off the 10th anniversary celebration, CAC hosted an in-person California avocado grove open house experience for consumer and trade media members and influencers in Valley Center, California on May 14. Attendees learned about the premium attributes and competitive advantages of the fruit and were given ample opportunity to capture California avocado grove content for their own social channels. (See “Celebrating 10 Years of California Avocado Month” in the Summer 2022 issue of From the Grove.) For example, influencer Liz Shaw of @shawsimpleswaps shared her grove open house experience on Instagram with her more than 19,000 followers. Further, all of the produce industry trade media attendees published articles on their experiences. These articles and pick-up from a California Avocado Month trade press release, garnered nearly 1 million impressions.

The Commission also partnered with California-based chef Nyesha Arrington to develop two fresh, chef-endorsed recipes — California Avocado Crab and Tuna Stack and Grilled California Avocado and Peach Salad. The recipes were promoted in press and mat releases, securing more than 238 million impressions. CAC also secured an interview on the lifestyle media outlet Yahoo! Life where chef partner Arrington discussed her partnership with the Commission, California Avocado Month and her favorite Golden State recipes and tips. The article secured an additional 456 million impressions. Chef Arrington also shared CAC-inspired recipes with her 149,000 followers on Instagram.

Rounding out the consumer public relations efforts, the Commission encouraged California cities and counties to join the celebration. As a result, San Diego County - District 5, San Diego County - District 4, the City of Santa Paula and the City of San Luis Obispo made proclamations recognizing California Avocado Month, while L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn shared a celebratory scroll. In total, consumer PR generated more than 695 million impressions.

As part of California Avocado Month, the Commission partnered with celebrity chef and TikTok influencers Owen Han and H.Woo Lee who visited farmers’ markets in Los Angeles and crafted unique California avocado-themed recipes using fresh produce from the markets. “The Farmers Market Showdown” TikTok series videos have already reached nearly 9 million consumers. To further engage with consumers on social media, CAC posted a series of California avocado facts across its social channels and secured more than 5,550 engagements on Twitter and 330 on Facebook. CAC also ran three LinkedIn posts about the 10th anniversary, which generated more than 135,000 impressions and 85 clicks.

In the retail sphere, CAC worked with Albertsons/Vons/Pavilions to secure a four-week series of social media posts celebrating California Avocado Month. The posts celebrated the locally grown fruit and showcased the beauty of groves utilizing photos taken at the grove open house event. In addition, the posts shared information about California avocado growers, ripening tips, the fruit’s unique seasonal availability and “nick and peel” nutrition messaging.

The Commission also partnered with Mollie Stone’s on a California avocado giveaway that was featured in their newsletter and showcased on the retailer’s Instagram page. Further, the retailer shared a California avocado grower reel showcasing Mike Sanders on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. These grower-themed posts garnered more than 64,000 impressions, more than 11,300 video plays and nearly 1,800 link clicks.

Nordstrom’s foodservice chain also joined in the celebration during the month of June with 100 outlets showcasing the fruit. Diners also could scan a QR code to access a monthly video feature about California avocados.

Albertsons/Vons/Pavilions celebrated California Avocado Month with a post showcasing California avocado growers Mike Sanders and Chris Ambuul at the Grove Open House event.

CAC chef partner Nyesha Arrington shared her California avocado inspired recipes with her fans on Instagram.

San Diego County District 4 Chair Nathan Fletcher issued a proclamation celebrating California Avocado Month.

CAC partnered with TikTok influencers Owen Han and H. Woo Lee on a social video series called “The Farmers Market Showdown.”

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