Commission’s Social Media Content Reaches More Than 13.5 Million Targeted Consumers

  • Aug 05, 2022

Throughout the year, the California Avocado Commission consistently shares a variety of engaging, entertaining and informative content on its social media platforms to keep California avocados top of mind and thereby build brand preference and brand affinity — an emotional connection between consumers and the California Avocados brand.

CAC’s social posts are targeted to Premium Californians, the audience most likely to purchase and be willing to pay a premium for California avocados. The posts reinforce California avocado campaign messaging while also showcasing what differentiates the Golden State fruit from avocados of other origins. Key messaging includes California avocado freshness and exclusive seasonal availability, the unique California locale/terroir of the locally/domestically grown fruit, growers’ sustainable farming practices and the fruit’s embodiment of the California lifestyle and culture.

Prior to the start of California avocado season, CAC’s social media posts generate excitement for the fruit’s availability and as the season hits full stride additional posts provide consumers with store locator content and in-season reminders that encourage purchases. Further, promoted social retail content is leveraged to drive Premium Californians in geo-targeted areas to local retail stores displaying California avocados. The Commission also shares recipes, nutrition information and how-to tips throughout the year, but heavily concentrates these efforts during peak season to encourage and inspire usage.

A partnership with Instagram influencer Puno, who has nearly 50,000 followers, provided the Commission with an opportunity to feature California avocado merchandise and helpful recipe preparation tips and tricks. These engaging posts drove consumers to the merch shop on while promoting the peak California avocado season. In total, Puno’s Instagram posts generated 26,711 views and 1,359 engagements.

From November 2021 through July 2022, social media content on the Commission’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest channels reached more than 13.5 million consumers. Twitter content secured more than 1,430 link clicks, 1,300 engagements and 851,000 impressions. The Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook posts secured 91,000 link clicks, 353,000 video views and more than 76,700 social engagements.

In April, CAC launched a California avocado TikTok channel with an ‘Avo-Zen’ series encouraging consumers to stop and take a relaxing moment in a California avocado grove.  This series garnered 342 engagements and 10,067 views. To generate excitement for the newly launched channel, the Commission also partnered with Kelz, a social media influencer with more than 5.8 million followers who reviews recipe videos and is known for his candid and entertaining reactions to recipe content. The collaborative duet with Kelz yielded more than 112,000 views and 13,500 engagements.

To further drive TikTok engagement during the peak season, CAC enlisted celebrity chefs and TikTok influencers Owen Han (2.8 million followers) and H. Woo Lee (1.1 million followers) to participate in a social content series, “The Farmers Market Showdown.” As part of the series, the duo visited two Los Angeles farmers’ markets — one in Hollywood for a land theme and one in Venice for a sea theme — and crafted recipes featuring the best of California’s local produce, including California avocados. This content, which was launched in June and July, reached nearly 9 million consumers and generated more than 2.3 million views and 220,000 engagements.

Numerous posts, including this one, shared the rich history of California avocados with consumers.

On Instagram, posts showcased California avocado merchandise and encouraged consumers to visit the California avocado merch shop.

The California avocado TikTok account launched in April with the ‘Avo-Zen’ series.

Social media posts celebrated the start of the California avocado season.

For National Pizza Day, CAC shared a popular California avocado pizza recipe on its Instagram channel.

This Pinterest post showcased a delicious and easy-to-prepare vegan recipe — the California Avocado Roll with Avocado Wasabi.

The Road Trip Recipe Redwoods video, which was posted to CAC’s TikTok channel, was later dueted by TikTok influencer, Kelz.

The Farmers Market Showdown video series, made in partnership with H. Woo Lee and Owen Han, featured fresh produce, including California avocados, from Los Angeles’ farmers’ markets.

The Commission celebrated some of our amazing All-Star California avocado growers in honor of the NBA All Star 2022 game.

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