California-based Restaurant Brands Highlight In-season California Avocados on Summer Menus

  • Jul 21, 2023

California avocado-themed chain restaurant promotions during the peak season play an important role in securing distribution and building demand for and loyalty to the Golden State fruit. Further, the promotions help increase consumer awareness of the seasonality of the fruit while diners enjoy California avocado-centric meals away from home. For example, this spring and summer two California-based restaurant chains — Flame Broiler Inc. and Del Taco — showcased the use of fresh California avocados in limited-time-offer promotions from early May through mid-July.

Eighty-two Flame Broiler locations in Arizona and California promoted their use of California avocados from May 1 – June 10. The promotion began with website and mobile banners encouraging customers to “Add Fresh California Avocados” to any dish on the menu. Unique social media posts also ran through June 29 on the chain’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter channels. Social followers engaged with the eye-catching posts commenting, “That looks delicious,” “Pure perfection with excellency” and “These bowls look so yummy.”

From May 18 – July 12, more than 500 Del Taco units in the Western region of the U.S. brought back their popular Shredded Pork Carnitas topped with California avocado guacamole. The LTO included digital promotions featuring the California Avocados brand logo in social media posts, on the chain’s mobile app, on two sections of Del Taco’s website menu page and in an email blast to club members.

Flame Broiler celebrated the California avocado season on its website and mobile banners.

This late June post on Flame Broiler’s Instagram channel encouraged social media followers to comment on how they best enjoy California avocados when they are on the menu.

Del Taco celebrated California avocado season by bringing back its popular shredded pork carnitas topped with guacamole.

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