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Winter 2021 From the Grove Available Online

  • Jan 15, 2022

The Winter 2021 issue of From the Grove is now available on the California avocado growers website.

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HAB Seeks Applicants for the Hass Avocado Industry Board Leadership Program

  • Jan 11, 2022

The Hass Avocado Industry Board Leadership Program seeks applicants interested in developing leadership skills to address the opportunities and challenges facing the Hass avocado industry. This program helps participants improve profitability, increase the effectiveness of the industry and become board-ready candidates for HAB, CAC and importer associations.

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Growers Encouraged to Complete San Diego County Crop Report Questionnaire

  • Jan 06, 2022

California avocado growers in San Diego County are encouraged to complete the confidential 2021 Crop Report Questionnaire to assist the county in gathering data for its annual report that is used to help officials make policy decisions based on the value of agriculture to the local economy.

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Avocado Irrigation Management Survey Aims to Help Develop Effective Tools for Growers

  • Jan 07, 2022

The UCCE’s ongoing avocado irrigation management research project aims to help develop tools and information that help growers effectively and efficiently manage their irrigation practices. As part of this effort, UCCE is conducting an Avocado Irrigation Management Survey to better understand California avocado growers’ irrigation management practices and concerns.

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California Avocado Tracking Study Indicates Strong Awareness and Preference for the Brand

  • Jan 05, 2022

The California Avocado Commission's 2021 California Avocado Tracking Study plays a critical role in helping the CAC Marketing team evaluate the impact of its marketing communications, measure marketing performance against established benchmarks and identify areas for improvement. This article includes ighlights from the report.

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