Avocado Irrigation Management Survey Aims to Help Develop Effective Tools for Growers

  • Jan 07, 2022

The University of California Cooperative Extension’s ongoing avocado irrigation management research project aims to help develop tools and information that help growers effectively and efficiently manage their irrigation practices. As part of this research effort, UCCE is conducting an Avocado Irrigation Management Survey to better understand California avocado growers’ irrigation management practices and concerns.

To assist researchers on this project, California avocado growers are encouraged to complete the brief online Avocado Irrigation Management Survey. The individual information collected via the survey will remain confidential and the compiled data will be used for the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources research and educational purposes. The survey consists of a series of questions that asks growers about the following:

  • Known water quality issues
  • Acreage, spacing and orientation of groves
  • Varieties grown and age of trees
  • Soil type, condition and salinity issues
  • Irrigation systems used, method of scheduling, measurement techniques
  • Moisture sensors
  • Annual average yields
  • Tools used for irrigation management

For more information, contact Ali Montazar, UCCE Irrigation and Water Management Advisor, at amontazar@ucanr.edu.

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