USDA Expands Crop Insurance Options for Organic California Avocado Growers

  • Jul 01, 2024

Beginning with the 2025 crop year, organic California avocado growers will have expanded crop insurance options. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency will now allow Enterprise Units for California avocados and will allow non-contiguous parcels of land that qualify for optional units to also qualify for Enterprise Units. Further, the new Expanding Options for Specialty and Organic Growers rule will relieve administrative burdens on growers by removing written agreement requirements on new breaking acreage.

The California avocado crop specific provisions can be found online. This page provides growers with

  • An expansive look at how basic units are defined for the purposes of crop insurance
  • What specific information must be provided when applying
  • What defines the insured crop and insured acreage (including provisions that allow avocados to be interplanted with another perennial crop)
  • What “causes of loss” are and are not covered
  • Your duties when reporting damages or loss
  • An example of how indemnity is calculated

As a reminder, crop insurance is sold and delivered through private crop insurance agents. A list of crop insurance agents is available at all USDA Service Centers and online at the RMA Agent Locator.

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