Pre-season California Avocado Video Ads Generate Excitement for the Upcoming Season

  • Mar 07, 2023

To encourage early season demand for and awareness of California avocados, the California Avocado Commission launched pre-season media on popular online platforms. Beginning in mid-February, social media ads were placed on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to engage with targeted consumers and generate excitement for the start of the California avocado season.

Pre-roll video ads on YouTube featured creative from the successful “the best avocados have California in them” campaign. Digital ads on Facebook and Instagram were themed around the Big Game and Valentine’s Day. Tapping into cultural moments and conversations around popular events and holidays is an important piece of the Commission’s online marketing program. In doing so, CAC weaves California avocados into occasions like Valentine’s Day where the fruit may not always be thought of. By sharing engaging posts and ads tied into cultural moments, CAC encourages demand for California avocados.

Pre-roll video ads were launched on the popular YouTube social platform, helping to raise awareness for California avocados and give consumers notice that California avocado season is starting.

California Avocado social media ads themed around Valentine’s Day.

Social media ads themed around the Big Game helped California avocados be part of the conversation around this major avocado consumption event.

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