CDFA Avocado Inspection Committee Announces Handler Vacancy

  • Mar 09, 2023

The California Department of Food and Agriculture announced it has a vacancy on the Avocado Inspection Committee for an active handler of avocados.

The AIC plays an important role in advising the CDFA Secretary on matters pertaining to the California Avocado Inspection Program and conducts uniform inspections of avocados, ensuring the product meets size requirements, contains minimal defects, has an appropriate package count and meets established quality standards.

The current AIC vacancy is for one active handler. The term of office for AIP committee members is two years. Although members do not receive compensation, they are entitled to reimbursement for necessary travel expenses in accordance with the rules of the California Department of Human Resources.

Interested individuals can complete the Prospective Member Appointment Questionnaire online. Applicants also will need to submit a letter of recommendation from an industry member. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled and should be sent to Sarah Cardoni, CDFA Inspection and Compliance Branch, 1220 ‘N’ Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 or via email to [email protected].

For additional information on the AIC and vacancies, contact Sam Santander at 760.743.4712 or [email protected].

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