Commission Develops Potential Promotional Partnerships at Global Culinary Event

  • Nov 18, 2021

From October 10 – 13, members of the California Avocado Commission’s foodservice team networked with menu developers from chains ranked 201-400 in the nation at the Global Culinary Innovators Association Combine in Portland, Maine. The off-season event provided CAC staff with the opportunity to meet in person with targeted foodservice operators and keep California avocados top-of-mind as culinary decision makers prepare menus for the 2022 season. CAC’s foodservice team discussed the benefits and value of fresh California avocados on the menu and proposed and planned menu items featuring the fruit.

During the event, CAC broadened its list of potential target chain contacts and confirmed returning and/or new fresh California avocado menu items on current partner menus. The Commission met with 13 chain operators and established one new contact, helping to encourage demand for and loyalty to California avocados

CAC foodservice team member chef Jason Hernandez catching up with conference attendee during a GCIA break.

CAC foodservice team member Alexi Rudolf with Jason Knoll of Another Broken Egg and Kelly Dykhuizen of Datassential.

Aaron Staudenmaier of District learning about local seafood during the GCIA Food Tours.

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