Collaborative Commission and AMRIC Handler Meetings Help Coordinate Supply and Promotions

  • Feb 23, 2022

During the week of January 10, the California Avocado Commission’s marketing team hosted virtual meetings with 10 AMRIC handler teams to help secure distribution of California avocados and coordinate supply and marketing support to drive demand for the fruit when and where it is available.

These collaborative meetings serve two key purposes. One is to prepare the AMRIC handler community for selling activities aligned with California avocado availability by arming them with information to support efforts to achieve targeted pricing. The other is for the Commission to obtain information from the handler community that will assist CAC’s retail marketing directors and foodservice team coordinate marketing programs with trade customers supported by handlers.

To that end, the Commission shared a wide range of information with the AMRIC handlers including the Commission’s strategic intent and its 2021-22 marketing objectives. CAC also discussed crop information, including results from the previous season and 2022 preseason estimates and weekly projections. In turn, the handlers provided season-to-date updates and expectations to assist the Commission in fine-tuning its promotional activities.

To demonstrate the value of California avocados and the support the Commission provides its partners, CAC provided a comprehensive overview of marketing information including a profile of targeted consumers and their media usage —data used by the marketing team to determine where, when and how it can best engage with consumers. Handlers were given the opportunity to review 2021 research highlights, 2022 advertising plans (including the media schedule) and the additional marketing support provided by public relations, retail communications and CAC’s Living Well Brand Advocate program.

To clarify how CAC partners with retailers, the team detailed its retail tiered account strategy, showcased retail performance highlights comparing 2021 to 2020, and shared plans for this year’s retail meetings. The foodservice team reviewed its programmatic partnership approach including menu ideation and chain funding that help drive interest in getting California avocados on the menu. To demonstrate the value of California avocados in stores and on menus, CAC also shared a synopsis of California avocado premium price tracking. Finally, CAC staff outlined their efforts to expand global offerings by showcasing marketing support plans for China and South Korea.

Each of the 10 virtual meetings were well attended and provided the Commission with opportunities to discuss next steps for connecting handlers with retail and foodservice teams during the season. By collaborating and exchanging information with AMRIC handlers prior to the start of the California avocado season, the Commission’s marketing team established the critical first steps to ensuring its marketing programs are in alignment with seasonal volume expectations and projected distribution plans.

Details of CAC’s marketing plans shared with AMRIC handlers included the use of digital media such as streaming video and audio advertising.

To encourage support of retail promotions with strong California Avocados brand identification, CAC shared highlights of 2021 retail successes.

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