California Avocados Showcased at Fresh Produce and Floral Council NorCal Luncheon

  • Jun 28, 2023

On June 9, the California Avocado Commission joined Northern California produce and floral industry vendors, retailers and California avocado handlers at the Fresh Produce and Floral Council NorCal Luncheon hosted in Pleasanton, California. The Commission took advantage of the forum to discuss the California avocado crop and premium quality of the fruit with retailers, vendors and key decision makers. The luncheon also offered CAC the opportunity to introduce the new and continuing members of CAC to the Northern California produce industry within a relaxed and social environment.

As a key sponsor of the luncheon hosted at the Club at Castlewood, the Commission arranged for beautiful, fresh California avocados fanned atop a salad to be served to the attendees. Further, during the luncheon CAC Vice President of Marketing Terry Splane shared how California Avocados brand messaging resonates with consumers and discussed California avocado grower sustainability using recently approved messages. He also highlighted CAC’s consumer advertising program and how it is brought to life with promotions customized for the unique needs of retailers. The discussions held during and after the event confirmed handlers’ and retailers’ support for the California avocado season and helped build preference for and loyalty to the California Avocados brand.

CAC Vice President of Marketing Terry Splane presented California avocado differentiators and brand messaging to the NorCal Luncheon attendees.

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