Financial Resources

Possible Federal Assistance to Those Impacted by the Recent Wildfires and/or Santa Ana Winds

  • Dec 07, 2017

It’s important that California avocado industry members who have been impacted by the recent wildfires and/or Santa Ana winds contact their crop insurance agent within 72 hours of the event to determine possible applicable coverage. Both fire and wind events may be included in certain crop insurance coverage, but agents must be notified within 72 hours.

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2017 SWEEP Applications Now Being Accepted

  • Feb 06, 2017

The CDFA is is now accepting applications for the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program, which provides funds for irrigation projects that reduce greenhouse gases and save water . Learn more.

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Funds Available for Agricultural Producers Implementing Air Pollution Reduction Strategies

  • Jul 12, 2016

California avocado growers implementing conservation practices that reduce air pollution from agricultural sources can apply for financial assistance via the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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Financial Assistance Available for Organic Certification Fees

  • Jul 08, 2016

Organic California avocado growers can now apply for federal funds designed to help alleviate the cost of organic certification.

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Grants Available for Growers Who Install New Irrigation Technology

  • Apr 05, 2016

The San Diego County Farm Bureau has funds available for qualified California avocado growers who install new irrigation technology. Learn more.

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2016 SWEEP Funding Available

  • Dec 01, 2015

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is currently accepting applications for the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program. Nearly $16 million is currently available to provide financial assistance to growers implementing irrigation systems that reduce greenhouse gases and conserve water.

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