Wahoo’s Fish Taco Chain Showcases Early Spring California Avocados

  • May 29, 2023

Since 2020 Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, a California-based chain headquartered in Tustin, has leveraged the California Avocados brand logo to showcase their use of locally-grown produce in season. This year the chain transitioned to California avocados in early spring and ran a six-week promotion featuring the fresh fruit, encouraging demand for the Golden State avocados at the start of the season.

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos six-week promotion (April 10 – May 21) featured fresh California avocados on their ceviche and encouraged customers to make any item “loaded” by adding freshly made guacamole to the dish. During the promotion, the California Avocados brand logo was showcased on the chain’s website, point of purchase materials and the takeout menu. In addition, the logo was featured in five social media posts shared across Facebook and Instagram that tagged California avocados — using the Commission’s social media handles — to garner broader awareness of the fruit’s availability.

By partnering with foodservice chains like Wahoo’s, the Commission gains additional exposure for California avocados through the chain’s online, social media and dine-in branded promotions. By reaching a wider audience, CAC can help build loyalty for the brand while growing early season demand for the fruit that sets the stage for peak season.

The California Avocados brand logo was showcased next to the chain’s popular ceviche dish on Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s website.

Wahoo’s tagged fresh @ca_avocados on its Instagram page.

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