Targeted Retail Digital Advertising Drives Peak Season Awareness

  • Jun 22, 2022

To engage with consumers closer to the point of purchase during peak season, the California Avocado Commission supported retailer digital advertising promotions with select Walmart, Sam’s Club and Kroger divisions. The digital promotions were designed to target specific shoppers, build their awareness of the California avocado season and encourage them to choose the Golden State fruit when shopping online and in stores.

Throughout May and June, and affiliated sites ran targeted digital advertising aimed at consumers likely to purchase avocados. The ads were geo-targeted around the retailer’s Western U.S. locations carrying California avocados and directed at past avocado purchasers and those in the market for fresh fruits and vegetables. The ads, which featured “the best avocados have California in them” creative, encouraged shoppers to purchase fresh California avocados via the Walmart app. The app allowed consumers to pick up the avocados at a nearby location or receive them via delivery. The promotions garnered 9.8 million impressions with the majority (75%) served on the website.

Leading up to Cinco de Mayo, Sam’s Club featured California avocado ads on both desktop and mobile devices. The ads were geo-targeted to zip codes near where California avocados were merchandised and the call-to-action prompted consumers to use the Sam’s Club app and choose their favored shopping method — with in-store pickup or delivery. Additional information about the Commission’s Cinco de Mayo retail promotions and sample ads are available on the California avocado grower website.

Beginning May 18, the Commission sponsored digital coupons for bagged California avocados at Kroger’s four western divisions — Fred Meyer, QFC, Ralphs and Smith’s. Because Kroger has introduced branded bagged California avocados featuring four-count 60s and smaller, the ad promotions play a significant role in moving fruit of that size during the season. The digital coupons effectively promote the availability of the branded California avocado bags with a nominal discount on the high-trafficked websites of these four western divisions. The promotion will run through mid-July.

By partnering with retailers to build effective digital advertising campaigns, the Commission builds demand for the fruit while also securing distribution of and loyalty for California avocados.

Digital ads on Walmart affiliated sites featured “the best avocados have California in them” creative.

Walmart banner ads encouraged consumers to “shop now” and purchase California avocados.

Western Kroger divisions featured California-branded bags of avocados as part of their California avocado-season promotions.

Kroger’s digital coupon for bagged avocados.

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