February 2024 Marketing Digest

  • Feb 07, 2024

CAC VP of Marketing Terry Splane Notes Low Readership of The GreenSheet Marketing Articles

Since joining the California Avocado Commission last March, I have heard from several growers that they do not get enough information about how CAC supports the sale of their fruit via marketing. In past editions of The GreenSheet CAC’s marketing team has reported on strategy, programs and results, but frankly readership has been quite low for most articles. So, we are trying something new this year: once per month we will provide a “Marketing Digest” with very brief updates on a variety of topics. We will include summary headlines so if you only have time to scan the topics at least you will get a little information about marketing support. If more of you open the Marketing Digests, then we will keep them going!

Retail and Foodservice Teams Selling-In California Avocados to Trade Customers

CAC’s retail marketing directors and foodservice team began calling on trade customers in January to present information about the 2024 California avocado season and encourage customers to carry them as soon as supplies meet their needs. Meetings continue in February and March.

Setting the 2024 Marketing Communications Path

In recent weeks, the marketing team has focused on finalizing 2024 advertising plans aimed at differentiating California avocados and the California avocado season to grocery shoppers. As part of the 2024 advertising planning, the team defined the target audience, determined the creative approach, finalized the media plan and created an integrated content calendar for all owned channels i.e., social media, email newsletters and website blog.

CAC closed 2023 consumer communications with an end-of-year email newsletter, earning a 46% open rate and 10% click-through rate with our most engaged subscribers (comparing positively to industry benchmarks of 20% and 5%, respectively).

Consumer Public Relations Program to Include Retail Activations

The marketing team developed a consumer public relations plan for the year that includes a new strategy designed to add direct value to trade customers. A presentation encouraging select retailers to partner with California avocados for a series of spring media events and outreach campaigns to reinforce California avocado season at retail will be used by CAC’s retail marketing directors. In addition, the selection of 2024 social media brand advocates is underway.

Four Trade/Commission Press Releases Distributed This Fiscal Year-To-Date

CAC’s trade and Commission public relations program targets retail decision makers and other industry stakeholders. This fiscal year the team has distributed four press releases so far, resulting in pick up in publications with a combined circulation of at least 1.6 million. The topics included CAC’s successful petitioning of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to remove the Hass Avocado as a host in the Queensland Fruit Fly quarantine, the Commission naming Ken Melban and Terry Splane as co-executive leaders, selection of Curious Plot as CAC’s agency of record and announcement of the California avocado season forecast and expected general timing of fruit availability.

Terry Splane, CAC vice president of Marketing

California avocados December 2023 email newsletter

The Commission marketing staff in a California avocado grove

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