Commission Showcases 2023 California Avocado Crop at Chain Restaurant Roundtable

  • Jan 21, 2023

The California Avocado Commission foodservice team attended the Kinetic 12 Emergence Operator-Supplier Roundtable event in early December, taking advantage of a key opportunity to educate purchasing and supply chain decision-makers about the benefits and value of California avocados. The event attracted 14 chain restaurants’ sourcing/purchasing and operations personnel representing 20 restaurant brands.

During the one-day event, members of the CAC foodservice team met one-on-one with purchasing and supply chain decision makers from 12 different chain restaurants. During these sessions, CAC personnel discussed the upcoming California avocado season and estimated crop volume for 2023. They also shared consumer preference and awareness data concerning California avocados, noting the added value the premium fruit brings to chain menus. In addition, CAC encouraged the decision makers to consider the additional benefits California avocados provide that outweigh the pricing factor by discussing CAC’s foodservice menu promotion funding and offering those services to interested chains.

The Commission met with 13 new chain restaurant personnel and re-established connections with two other chain contacts. In total, those present represented approximately 223 potential restaurant units in the western region. The event provided CAC with a key in-person opportunity to connect with operator/supplier restaurant chain personnel, provide them with important 2023 projections and build awareness of CAC promotional support thereby building demand for and loyalty to the California Avocados brand.

The Commission held roundtable meetings with chain restaurant decision makers at the Kinetic 12 event.

Kim Kurata meeting with Which Wich and discussing the benefits of California avocados on the menu.

Ballard Brands asking Kim Kurata about the upcoming California avocado season.

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