Commission Shares New Marketing Creative and Aligns Promotion Timing During AMRIC Handler Meetings

  • Mar 12, 2024

From February 5 – 20, members of the California Avocado Commission’s marketing team met with AMRIC handlers to provide a high-level overview of the new consumer advertising messaging and creative as well as discuss key customer support and promotion opportunities for the 2023-24 season. The meetings, which were hosted virtually and in-person from Santa Paula to Escondido, allowed the Commission to share a compelling yet concise California avocado benefit story that handlers can share with retail and foodservice customers to encourage demand for the fruit and ensure promotion timing is aligned with supplies.

During the meetings CAC marketing staff, retail marketing directors and members of the foodservice agency team discussed this year’s pre-season crop estimate and harvest projections by month and how they align with CAC’s consumer advertising timing. They also showcased the new consumer campaign, which focuses on ownable attributes that truly differentiate California avocados and resonate with customers — including sustainability and locally grown. Market research data indicates California avocados are seen as more sustainable and ethically sourced compared to the key competitor and locally grown is important. In fact, 64% of avocado shoppers in California say buying avocados grown in the United Sates is very/somewhat important, thus the new creative will highlight this messaging through an integrated consumer communications plan.

CAC also confirmed and discussed key retail and foodservice accounts both the handlers and the Commission work with. Vice President of Marketing Terry Splane and the marketing team described the customized marketing support and assets CAC consistently provides to elevate California avocado volume and revenue. By providing this information to handlers, the Commission can better align handler and CAC resources for key targeted customers to make the greatest impact. The meetings also increase connectivity between CAC and the handlers’ salespeople regarding promotion planning, thus helping to ensure promotions are timed with peak California avocado availability.

CAC’s marketing team provided a high-level overview of the new consumer advertising campaign.

The new campaign focuses on sustainability and locally grown messaging.

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