Commission Releases 2024 Pre-season California Avocado Crop Estimate and Harvest Projections

  • Jan 10, 2024

The California Avocado Commission has released the 2024 California Avocado Pre-Season Crop Estimate and Weekly Harvest Projections. These projections are based on pre-season crop estimate surveys completed by AMRIC Handlers. CAC will remain in contact with growers, handlers and grove managers throughout the season to track harvest strategy and provide updated forecasts as they become available. The Commission’s annual grower crop survey and acreage inventory survey will be conducted in Spring 2024, with a mid-season crop estimate update available May 2024.

The report, which is aligned with the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) provides the following information:

  • Pre-Season industry volume estimates by variety and month, based on AMRIC Handler survey responses
  • 2024 weekly harvest projection versus the 2023 actual harvest, including the four-year average historical forecast
  • Weekly harvest distribution projection utilizing AMRIC Handler survey percentages for the Hass variety and using the four-year historical forecast for Lamb, GEM and Other
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