Commission’s Data-driven Retail Reports Demonstrate Advantages of California Avocado Season

  • Sep 13, 2023

As part of the California Avocado Commission’s Tiered Account program, CAC develops retail sales reports and ad hoc research studies to help the industry better understand retail sales trends and shopper purchase behaviors in the avocado category. The studies provide data-driven actions and opportunities that can help industry stakeholders drive sales of California avocados, encourage retail partners to stock and promote the Golden State fruit throughout the season and advance CAC’s position as a category leader.

The cyclical and ad hoc retail reports monitor and measure sales performance during the California avocado season for the Commission’s tiered account retail partners. In addition, CAC invests in Circana (formerly IRI) retail sales data and household panel data, which is pulled from the National Consumer Panel — a continuous household purchasing consumer panel that consists of a representative sample of U.S. households who electronically record all purchases.

The detailed information and data compiled within these reports provides staff and agencies with a deeper understanding of the avocado category and details findings that can help stakeholders promote the business benefits of carrying California avocados throughout the season. In addition, CAC’s retail marketing directors can share the data with tiered accounts to provide specific information to help grow demand for the California fruit. “Sales data and research help create the foundation for effective marketing. We leverage data-driven insights to enhance our marketing programs and to demonstrate the strength of the California season to our retail partners,” states CAC’s Vice President of Marketing Terry Splane.

For example, this year the Commission produced a 2023 bagged avocado study that measured the impact of bagged avocado purchase behaviors on retail sales trends during the California avocado season. CAC also produce the Tiered Account Program review, which provided insights on the state of the avocado category within and outside of the California region. The analysis included retail sales trends, shipment volume trends and FOB pricing trends.

By sharing insightful data that drives opportunities to increase demand for California avocados, the Commission helps secure distribution of the fruit and build loyalty to the California Avocados brand. Further, the insights gathered in these retail reports and research provide sales insights that can be utilized in the development of trade press releases, articles and marketing materials — all of which help cement CAC as a category leader in the industry.

The Commission’s 2023 bagged avocado study showed that household spend per trip for bagged avocados was 14% higher during the California season.

The Tiered Account Program review demonstrated that the FOB price for California avocados increased at a faster compound average growth rate (8.7%) than retail prices (5.7%) in the Golden State.

Sample Avocado Business Review for a retailer.

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