California Avocado Menu Items Drive Sales for Restaurant Chain Partners

  • Oct 05, 2023

Chain promotions of California avocado menu items encourage sales of the fruit while adding value to the operator’s purchase of the fruit through the use of California Avocado Commission branded assets in retail locations and on digital and social platforms. Further, the unique away-from-home California avocado dishes inspire consumers to recreate dishes at home, expanding usage and awareness of the locally grown fruit.

This article highlights two California-based restaurant chains who implemented successful California avocado promotions that ran in June and July. Ladle & Leaf, a new chain partner, showcased California avocados at eight units located in the San Francisco Bay region from June 12 – July 24. Customers had eight California avocado dishes to choose from, including Avocado Pepper Jack, Chipotle Chicken Avocado and Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwiches, a Chicken Chipotle Salad, Green Goddess Salad, Chicken Bacon Cobb Salad and two grain bowls — Pico Kale and Quinoa Feta Avocado. To build awareness of new California avocado menu items, the chain featured the California Avocados brand logo on its website and ran social media and email blast promotions about the fruit’s seasonality and premium quality. Ladle & Leaf also ran digital promotions featuring California avocado merchandise giveaways. The chain’s promotion period was extended two weeks because customers responded positively to knowing the restaurants were serving California avocados and due to the chain’s ability to easily source the locally-grown fruit.

Fifty Robek’s locations in Arizona, California and Utah featured California avocados in Classic Avocado Toast, Everything Avocado Toast and Avocado and Egg Toast menu items from June 19 – July 30. The chain also showcased the California Avocados brand logo on its digital menu and social media channels. Dan Richmond, from Robek’s, noted that even “with 10 fewer locations we sold more avocado toasts! The sales of these continue to climb!” The chain reported a 61% increase in case sales compared to last year’s promotional period.

By securing distribution of California avocados with targeted restaurant chains, CAC helps encourage demand for the fruit, increases sales and builds loyalty with its foodservice partners.

The California Avocados brand logo was featured prominently on the Ladle & Leaf website throughout the June-July promotional period.

Ladle & Leaf showcased the California avocado merchandise available through its promotional giveaway on social media.

The Robek’s website showcased the California Avocados brand logo and three avocado toast menu items.

Tantalizing California avocado menu photos piqued the interest of Ladle & Leaf customers on Instagram.

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