California Avocado Brand Advocates Inspire, Engage and Educate Diverse Consumers

  • May 28, 2022

The California Avocado Commission’s Brand Advocate program is designed to drive awareness of California avocados’ seasonality premium quality and availability. Through a combination of enticing photography, exciting recipes and entertaining and educational content generated by the Brand Advocates, the Commission is able to expand the visibility of California avocados with the influencers’ audiences in a credible manner.

This year, the Commission has partnered with five influencers with diverse backgrounds who reach a wide, yet likeminded consumer audience of about 2.4 million followers. Chosen for their significant influence on social channels, large blog viewership and vibrant content creation skills, these Brand Advocates include:

The Brand Advocates began publishing content in March to promote the seasonal availability and versatility of the fruit. The Commission defined specific on-trend themes for each month — in March, the focus was on “Time Saver Meal/Take-Out at Home” meals and in April influencers concentrated on the trendy “Charcuterie Boards” theme. To keep audiences engaged, the Brand Advocates shared recipes, blog posts, photography and social media posts and tagged California avocados to increase brand visibility.

Because each Brand Advocate has a unique audience following, background and personality, the Commission was able to showcase California avocados from all different angles with unique recipes demonstrating the versatility of the fruit and its appeal to a wide swath of dietary lifestyles. To further educate their combined 2.4-plus million followers, the advances also shared California Avocado brand messaging and encouraged consumers to look for California on the label and purchase the locally grown fruit while it is in season.

Brand Advocate content in March and April garnered nearly 470,000 impressions between the influencers’ blogs and social content. Audiences trust their favored influencers, so they are more likely to mimic influencers’ consumer habits and follow their suggestions. This makes Brand Advocates an effective means of encouraging demand and building loyalty to California avocados. The Brand Advocates will continue to produce fresh California-avocado-themed content throughout June to generate excitement for the fruit and expand how and when consumers integrate the fruit into their meals and snacks during peak season.

Kristina Cho, of Eat Cho Food, created a fresh and visually appealing California Avocado Sashimi Board including sushi-grade fish, artfully sliced California avocado, crispy rice balls, seaweed snacks/nori, edamame, cucumbers and an avocado-edamame dipping sauce.

Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez, of Husbands That Cook, crafted a Spring Charcuterie Board with California Avocado Three-Bean Salad dressed with fresh herbs and a tangy lemon-lime vinaigrette.

Hannah Kling’s’ California Avocado Brunch Charcuterie Board makes it easy to impress guests with minimal effort by combining hardboiled eggs, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, pickled onions, toast, smoked salmon and beautiful California avocado halves.

This Springtime Charcuterie Board created by Ashley Hankins featured avocado hummus, vegan avocado ranch dressing and avocado slices accompanied by seasonal fruits, veggies and crackers.

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