Brand Advocates Pique Consumer Interest in Early Season California Avocados with Unique Recipes and Photography

  • May 25, 2023

The California Avocado Commission’s Brand Advocate program leverages trusted and well-known influencers to drive awareness of the California avocado season. These influencers create credible and engaging content that informs and entertains targeted consumers. The partners are chosen because of their compelling and exciting storytelling abilities, excellent photography skills, significant followings and love for the Golden State fruit. In turn, the advocates expand CAC’s reach by sharing unique recipes and relevant content on a variety of their social platforms while encouraging their followers to look for the California avocado label when shopping.

This year the Commission selected two influencers from different specialties — food and lifestyle — to target a broad range of consumers. Ewa and Jeromy Ko of NomLife served as the TikTok partner and Remy Park of Veggie Kins served as the Commission’s Instagram and blog partner. Besides creating unique California avocado-themed recipes, the influencers shared their preference for and love of California avocados, promoted the freshness and authenticity of the locally grown fruit, shared proper avocado use and handling tips and encouraged consumers to purchase the fruit during peak season.

The advocates will continue posting throughout the California avocado season and celebrated the start of harvesting with posts focused on two themes provided by CAC. In March, the advocates crafted “Fresh and Ripe” recipes. NomLife shared a California Avocado Coffee recipe inspired by the Vietnamese avocado smoothie Sinh to bo. The refreshing drink featured coffee, California avocados, vegan condensed milk and plant-based milk. Remy Park’s Vegan Sashimi showcased beautiful ripe slices of California avocado in a soy-based vinaigrette with micro greens and baby radish.

In April, the recipes, videos, photography and messaging showcased “Simple and Savory” California avocado options including NomLife’s Open-faced California Avocado Crispy Rice Sandwich. This recipe was comprised of a crispy rice patty with a California avocado base (made in a waffle iron) topped with spicy tuna, cubed California avocado, furikake, mayo and sriracha. The Creamy California Avocado Pasta recipe produced by Remy Park featured a creamy, green pasta sauce made with California avocados, leeks and miso.

All of the influencers’ posts were shared on their respective blogs and social media channels, including Instagram and TikTok. To drive traffic to CAC’s social channels and build broader awareness, the posts were tagged for #CaliforniaAvocados. From March to April, CAC’s Brand Advocates garnered more than 215,000 paid impressions. During that same time frame, the influencers secured another 240,000 earned (non-paid) impressions on Instagram. In total, the influencers garnered approximately 447,000 impressions from March to April helping CAC pique consumer interest in early season California avocados while building preference for and loyalty to the brand.

NomLife’s delicious California Avocado Coffee piqued early season interest in March.

Veggie Kins’ Vegan Sashimi with California avocados showcased CAC’s “fresh and ripe” March theme.

This Savory California Avocado Crispy Rice sandwich was shared across NomLife’s social channels.

Remy Park’s Creamy California Avocado Pasta recipe was shared with followers in April.

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