2022 California Avocado Commission Annual Report Available Online

  • Nov 14, 2023

The California Avocado Commission’s 2022 Annual Report is available on the California avocado growers’ website. The 2022 Annual Report includes the Commission’s audited financial statements for 2021-22 and ten-year industry statistics.

The report also highlights the Commission’s activities during the past year including:

  • A post-COVID consumer marketing campaign that utilized uplifting messaging and the playful imagery of “The best avocados have California in them” to focus on health, wellness and California avocado growers’ responsible growing practices
  • Integrated in-person, public relations, ads and digital/social channel marketing efforts that helped consumers locate the fruit when and where it was available (the campaign garnered 325.5 million impressions collectively)
  • The continued success of streaming video and digital music/content channels to reach targeted audiences
  • The use of outdoor ad creative in high-impact areas, as well as high-traffic Volta charging stations
  • CAC’s creative immersion into the popular charcuterie board trend, including a virtual cooking class for media and influencers
  • The impactful messaging and imagery of CAC’s trusted and respected Brand Advocates and Living Well Brand Advocates, which piqued consumer interest in California avocados across a variety of on-trend meal/snack lifestyle options
  • An overview of CAC’s successful engagement with consumers on social media channels, including the Commission’s outreach to younger consumers on the popular TikTok channel
  • The month-long 10th anniversary celebration of California Avocado Month that secured 695 million impressions
  • A review of retail partnerships across the season with highlights from the earlier-than-usual start to the season and the retail promotions — like the Big Game — that helped move large volumes of fruit prior to June
  • Highlights from the Commission’s collaboration with ten western foodservice chains that showcased locally grown California avocados in a variety of menu applications to pique consumer interest in dining out and preparing similar meals at home
  • A look at CAC’s expanded efforts to demonstrate its leadership and expertise with the trade sector, including its effective use of the LinkedIn channel to showcase the value of California avocados and share relevant facts, trends and news
  • The expansion of the California Avocado brand presence in South Korea
  • CAC’s continued advocacy on behalf of growers, including commodity group partnerships to more effectively raise the visibility of the agricultural industry and the impact legislative decisions have on growers and the industry as a whole
  • The Commission’s participation in the IFPA’s Public Policy Form in Washington, D.C. where CAC staff advocated for a responsible guest worker program, that extreme heat be included in the new Tree Assistance Program and engaged with APHIS personnel about phytosanitary issues
  • Efforts to expand grower awareness concerning GEM avocado cultural management practices, produce safety training sessions and funds available for operations impacted by extreme weather events as well as those transitioning to organic production
  • Research efforts focused on Avocado Branch Canker, Avocado Lace Bug, micropropagation and rootstocks, chloride mitigation in water and new strategies to help growers cope with extreme heat

The California Avocado Commission's 2022 Annual Report is now available online.

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