2021 California Avocado Commission Annual Report Available Online

  • Mar 24, 2022

The California Avocado Commission’s 2021 Annual report is now available on the California avocado growers’ website. The 2021 Annual Report includes the Commission’s audited financial statements for 2020-21 and ten-year industry statistics.

In addition, the report showcases the Commission’s activities during the past year including:

  • The continuation of the Commission’s lighthearted, informative and inspirational advertising campaign, “the best avocados have California in them” that led to more than 1 billion impressions for consumer marketing
  • CAC marketing team’s increased use of streaming video and digital channels for advertising, which contributed to 93 million impressions on streaming channels and 16 million views on audio platforms
  • Effective and engaging video content, such as CAC’s road-trip recipe videos and the newly-released “California Avocados — History, Growers and Culture” video
  • A review of the Commission’s social media strategies and strong returns on engagement, including CAC’s newly launched TikTok channel
  • The role blogger advocates and Living Well Brand Advocates played in engaging, informing and entertaining targeted consumers
  • The exceptional performance of the CaliforniaAvocado.com website’s redesigned recipe section, including new recipes, photos and videos
  • Creative means by which CAC interacted with media members and influencers in-person and virtually
  • New merchandise made available on the successful online California avocado merchandise shop
  • An overview of how the Commission used data and collaborative creativity to assist retailers and foodservice operators contending with supply chain and labor issues
  • A summary of customized retailer and foodservice promotions
  • A look at how CAC expanded its brand presence in Korea and China
  • A review of the Commission’s State-of-the-Industry survey, which was designed to help CAC collect concrete data on the profitability of the state’s diverse avocado enterprises
  • The Commission’s launch of a new Sustainability webpage on the consumer website to grow awareness of growers’ long-standing sustainability initiatives and practices
  • A new GEM avocado webpage to address consumer and media interest in the variety
  • Advocacy efforts focused on passing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, advancing immigration reform, and mandating surveys of Ecuadorian production areas impacted by the avocado seed moth
  • Training sessions and field days for California avocado growers concerning growers’ most pressing concerns and interests, including GEM avocado trials, heat mitigation, fertilization
  • Updates concerning the large avocado seed weevil, GEM avocado grove productivity, avocado branch canker

The report can be viewed online as a flipbook or viewed as a downloadable PDF file.

The California Avocado Commission’s 2021 Annual report is now available on the California avocado growers’ website.

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