Author: A. Newsome, M. Elvena, A. Shands, B. Hoyt, B. Mamo, A. Garcia, N. Jackson, E. Nandankar, B. Friedenberg, D. Godinez-Vidal, N. Von Dolteren, J. Rosecrans, R. Souikane, L. Garner, M.L. Arpaia, P. Mauk, T. Spann, B. Faber , P. Manosalva

The overall goal for this proposal is to continue with the generation and collection of compelling field and horticultural data required to commercially release five of the most promising advanced University of California Riverside rootstocks (PP35, PP40, PP42, PP45, and PP80), which are currently under field evaluation in small regional and large-scale trials throughout California.