Author: Mary Bianchi

California’s research information regarding cultural practices for avocados is growing. However, the majority of published research provides input for grove management decisions based on a calendar year and on growing conditions typical of the semi-arid subtropical conditions of Southern California. Anecdotally, the cooler, moister growing conditions of northern growing areas including San Luis Obispo County result in different phenological timing for major events like bloom, fruit set and shoot flush. This project will

  • develop comparative phenological calendars for San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties through the use of pheno-camera technologies that allow remote recording of major phenological events,
  • demonstrate the use of phenological information in adapting existing research information using inflorescence tissue as a tool to assess tree nutrition status,
  • develop an interactive web-based mapping program to allow storage and retrieval of digital images that record growth stages, and
  • expand digital methodology results to all areas of avocado production in the State through the interactive web-based mapping program using existing GPS information production areas.