Protecting Avocado Trees from Wind Damage

  • Apr 17, 2013

Avocado trees can be damaged by sudden storms with high winds. They can also be damaged — and fruit scarred — by chronic recurring winds. To protect your avocado groves, consider the following wind protection measures.

  • Staking young avocado trees in an area prone to strong winds is a good idea until the trees grow enough to have sufficient strength to support themselves in the wind. Trees that rock in the wind can have their roots damaged so the stake support of the trunk should be firm while those trees where the wind is weaker can be held more loosely to the trunk.
  • Avocado trees can be sheltered using windbreaks. Windbreaks take up precious space and water, but if the windbreaks protect avocados from falling off the tree and prevent the avocado tree from being damaged, then the windbreak is a valuable commodity.
  • Ensure the avocado tree shape is maintained so that the trees do not act as a sail.
  • Carefully choose avocado grove sites based on low exposure to wind.