Measuring Avocado Grove Salinity

  • Apr 17, 2013

Salinity of water used to irrigate California avocado groves is measured by the electrical conductivity (EC) of the water. When ions (salts) are present in the water, the EC of the solution increases. If no salts are present, the EC is low. One EC (dS/m) is equal to about 640ppm salt.

To measure the soil salinity in the avocado grove:

  • Collect soil samples at different depths
  • Mix the samples with pure, distilled water at a 1:2 ratio
  • Add ⅓-ounce soil (10g) to ⅔-ounce (20mls) water; mix and allow the salt to dissolve
  • Measure the EC with a salinity pen, and multiply by eight, for total soil EC

For more information, visit the University of Florida IFAS Extension page on soil pH and electrical conductivity.