Leaf Analysis

  • Sep 28, 2018

Leaf analysis is a critical tool in helping California avocado growers determine whether their trees are receiving the correct levels of nutrients necessary for optimal fruit quality and yields. Dr. Faber has released a new blog post about leaf analysis. Following are highlights from his article.

Leaf Selection

  • Choose average-sized, healthy, undamaged leaves that are 4 – 6 months old and located on non-fruiting branches
  • Do not sample a terminal leaf
  • Do not choose the “worst looking” leaves on a tree as the reports from those leaves may mask the true cause of a tree’s decline (if a tree has deficiencies, those deficiencies are normally detected in healthy-looking samples as well)
  • Choose one leaf per tree, selecting leaves that represent all four quadrants of the grove’s canopy


  • Place leaf samples in a paper bag and protect from excessive heat
  • Leaves may be stored in a refrigerator overnight
  • Take the leaves to a lab as soon as possible
  • Choose a lab that washes leaf samples for you


  • Mid-August through mid-October
  • Take samples prior to applying fall fungicidal or nutritional sprays