Identifying Salinity Problems in California Avocado Groves

  • Apr 17, 2013

California avocado trees are highly sensitive to the salts found in soil or irrigation water, known as salinity. Salinity can reduce avocado yields, tree size, photosynthesis, root growth and can scorch and yellow avocado leaves, therefore it is important that California avocado growers constantly manage the salinity in their groves.

Signs of salinity problems in California avocado groves include:

  • Avocado leaf tip burn
  • Yellow avocado leaves
  • Poor root growth

Salinity problems can result in:

  • Reduced water uptake by the avocado tree
  • Chloride and sodium can have toxic effects on the avocado trees, decreasing yields by 12% for every 35.5ppm of chloride in irrigation water
  • Photosynthesis reduction
  • Decline in fine-feeder roots
  • Reduced nutrient absorption
  • More compact soils, reducing soil drainage and aeration