Characteristics of a Healthy California Avocado Grove

  • Apr 09, 2013

What does a healthy avocado grove look like, in general, and what cultural management practices help you nurture a healthy avocado grove?

Generally, healthy, consistently high-producing California avocado groves are achieved and maintained via a combination of the following:

  • Good free draining soils
  • Low root rot pressure
  • High quality water and irrigation management
  • Fertilizer program structured around varied needs of all three cycles (year 1 crop, prospective year 2 crop, new shoots/buds for year 3 crop) of the avocado tree
  • Pruning system in place that balances fruit set with new shoots

What does a consistently high-producing California avocado grove look like?

  • Plenty of avocado flower buds developing over fall and winter
  • High levels of starches and sugars present in the avocado trees
  • Large avocado leaves that stay dark green all year and only drop when shaded by other leaves
  • Minimal leaf drop during flowering
  • Minimal tip burn
  • New white avocado tree roots easy to find in the leaf litter
  • Good peripheral avocado shoot growth with lots of growing tips for flowering points — a tree whose varied needs are being met in a balanced manner is more prepared to come back from serious weather events because the avocado tree is not stressed
  • Well-pruned avocado trees that remain in a juvenile state