Avocado Trunk Canker Disease Management

  • Apr 16, 2013

The measures recommended for the control of Phytophthora avocado trunk canker disease are similar to those described for Phytophthora root rot. In fruit, prevention of infection is challenging because it is likely caused by the splashing of Phytophthora spores from the soil surface to the fruit during rainy weather. Any practice that helps reduce splash, such as a layer of leaves or mulch, may help.

Avocado grove cultural management practices to help prevent avocado trunk canker disease include:

  • Provide favorable soil conditions
  • Use certified disease-free nursery stock
  • Plant resistant rootstocks
  • Pruning tools should be disinfected before moving to the next tree
  • Prevent soil or water movement from infested areas
  • Avoid sprinkler irrigation wetting the trunk
  • Irrigate carefully, not too much water
  • Provide appropriate nutrition

Chemical controls that can help manage trunk canker disease include:

  • Systemic fungicides
  • Fosetyl-Al (Aliette®) or potassium phosphonate can be applied as soil drench, foliar spray, trunk paint, trunk injection (buffered) or with irrigation water
  • Trunk injection (buffered solution)
  • Metalaxyl (Ridomil®) can be applied as granular, a drench or with irrigation.