Commission’s Retail Trade Advertising Campaign Informs Retail Buyers and Decision Makers

  • Mar 21, 2023

In light of competition for placement at retail, it is important the industry is reminded of the high consumer demand for California avocados and the support the California Avocado Commission provides. The Commission’s retail trade advertising campaign is a highly effective means of reminding buyers and decision makers of the volume sales lift they can generate during the California avocado season and keeping the fruit top-of-mind prior to and during peak season.

The trade media plan has broad reach and frequency with both print and digital ads in national and regional publications. The trade ads, which utilize the award-winning “The best avocados have California in them” tagline and creative, are running from February through July. Targeted advertising support for the Commission’s participation in the International Fresh Produce Association Global Fresh Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim, California will close out the advertising season in October.

The season kicked off with a first-of-its-kind two-page spread in the Snack magazine with a gatefold hero image of a California avocado that opened from top to bottom to reveal a panoramic view of a grove with an avocado on a tree branch prominently featured in the foreground. This interactive attention-grabbing ad was memorable because of its non-standard size and picturesque imagery.

Full-page print ads feature the same inviting grove imagery with ad copy celebrating California avocados as the gold standard in quality and consistency, making the California avocado season one of the most anticipated. The ads show retailers “what’s in it for them” by emphasizing the average +7% volume lift generated by the fruit. Further, the copy showcased the fruit’s creamy taste and uniqueness of being grown in the ideal California coastal climate. QR codes included in ads lead readers directly to the Commission’s retail web page where they can learn more about the customized support available to them. Full page ads are running in the Snack, The Produce News, The Packer, Fresh Digest and Produce Business during the season.

In March, both The Packer and Produce News featured California avocados and the upcoming season. The Produce Business Masters of Merchandising March issue also featured a full-page ad and full-page editorial showcasing how the Commission’s 2023 marketing programs are designed to help increase sales and drive consumers to their stores.

The digital ad campaign consists of a mixture of email ads, trailers and “block party” ads composed of three component ads in one. The ads are designed in a variety of sizes to fit desktop, website and mobile applications in The Packer, PMG Fresh, The Produce News, Blue Book Produce Reporter, Supermarket Perimeter, AndNowUKnow and The Shelby Report.

Each of the digital ads include a link to CAC’s trade retail webpage that includes an infographic on how the California avocado season generates an average +7% volume lift — reinforcing the messaging in the Commission’s print ads. Some digital ads will feature a “Maximize Sales” button that links directly to the infographic.

CAC’s print and digital trade ad campaigns support the sale and distribution of California avocados throughout the season, educating buyers and store personnel about the benefits of stocking California avocados and customized support available from the Commission to help generate sales. CAC’s 477 insertions this year will generate 29 million impressions, with 27 million generated by digital ads. The Commission was able to secure $116,000 in added value free advertising based on frequency of ad purchases and CAC’s long-standing relationships with many of the trade publications. Although it is common for ad rates to increase each year, this year the publications retained 2022 rates providing CAC with the opportunity to cost-effectively maintain its prime ad placements throughout the season.

The Commission’s attention-grabbing, two-page spread with the top-to-bottom foldout in the Snack magazine was the first of its kind.

Full-page print ads include a QR code linking directly to the Commission’s retail webpage where industry members can learn more about CAC’s support programs.

This rectangle ad features a clickable “Maximize Sales” button that takes readers to an infographic demonstrating how California avocados provide an average +7% volume sales lift.

This leaderboard ad, which is the standard size for most digital publications, showcases the creative from “The best avocados have California in them” campaign.

The Commission’s retail webpage demonstrates the value of stocking California avocados in season.

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